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Three Reasons You Need to be on Pinterest

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March 01, 2015
Hayley Calhoon - hayleycalhoon@gmail.com

Since its 2010 beginning with only a handful of users, Pinterest has transformed into a major e-commerce site that is a leader in the social landscape. Pinterest took the concept of the physical pin board found in offices and homes and made it digital, creating a place for users to “pin” images of anything and everything they are interested in to their own categorized boards.

What does this mean for hotels and restaurants? Another website that existing and potential customers are using to both directly and indirectly make purchasing decisions. You don’t want your brand to be left out. Here are three key reasons you want your brand to have an active presence on Pinterest.

1. High potential ROI
Pinterest users generate over 400 percent more revenue-per-click than Twitter and 27 percent more than Facebook, making it the most profitable website for social media marketing when it comes to ROI. Pinterest refers more traffic to retailers’ sites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.1  Pinterest has also begun selling ads, creating an opportunity to further extend your brand’s reach on the website. There’s money to be made, and your brand should be earning its piece.

2. Users are planning their vacations
Among the website’s most popular categories are food and drink, travel and holidays. Essentially this means that users are utilizing Pinterest to find new restaurants as well as to get ideas and plan for vacations. It is imperative that your hotel or restaurant be exposed to them during this process. Pinterest allows you to post pins of your hotel rooms, amenities, best restaurant dishes, and anything else that might attract users to your brand. Each pin allows for an image, a brief keyword-rich description, and a link. Pair attractive images of your product with links back to your website, and you will see a new source of Web traffic coming in while your brands’ images are circulated around the website.

3. Decision-makers are using it
With more than 70 million users worldwide, there’s a great deal of potential for brand exposure and revenue. Women are often the decision-makers when it comes to household spending decisions, like vacations and dining out. Currently, female users between the ages of 18-49 dominate the site. Further, a large majority of Pinterest users have annual household incomes higher than $50,000.2

Are you convinced? Head to business.pinterest.com, set up a business account, and start pinning!

Hayley Calhoon is a social media freelancer with experience managing multiple hotel brands and a multi-unit restaurant chain. She can be reached at hayleycalhoon@gmail.com.  

1 Source: OmnicoreAgency.com 2 Source: PewInternet.org

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