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What to Read: Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young, A Review by Mark McBeth

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June 01, 2013
What to Read
Mark McBeth

You don’t have to be a rock and roll fan or even a fan of music to appreciate Neil Young’s autobiographical journey through his remarkably fascinating life. At times “Waging Heavy Peace” reads like one of his songs.  It follows no chronological time line, but instead is a collection of stories, introspective anecdotes, and insights into a complex man and artist.

I found this book extremely honest, and came away with a new appreciation for this most American Song Writer, one that I will recall every time I hear (or play) his music.

Whether sharing his fascination with model trains and old cars, speaking of the love of his quadriplegic son Ben, or remembering the countless stories of his rock and roll buddies and other celebrity, Neil leaves the reader feeling like he’s just been part of some cosmic jam session of Americana.

Young is 67 now and his art has survived almost 50 years.  His songs are timeless and his lyric is truer today than ever. “Old man look at my life, I’m a lot like you were…”
[Review by Mark McBeth, Starwood]

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