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What to Read: Stronger

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October 15, 2015
What to Read
Kris Singleton

What's On the Bookshelf
Over the years, we’ve had numerous conversations with industry leaders and often one of the topics that we discuss is the latest book read. We thought it would be fun to share some of these booklover conversations with our readers. Here are what our industry leaders are reading.

by Jeff Bauman with Bret Witter

[Review by Kris Singleton, Omni Hotels & Resorts]

What a story about courage, perseverance and community! I was fortunate to meet Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, at the Newmarket Advisory Board meeting in Portsmouth in May. He is very humble and appreciative of all the many people who helped him through a very difficult and emotional struggle.  Jeff was signing books and his lovely wife graciously gave me the last book as I waited in line. 

Jeff tells his story with the same approach he took dealing with the loss of his legs resulting from the first bomb that went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 – straightforward, honest, with determination. 

He discusses his challenges – emotional and physical – that he had to overcome. It is heartwarming to hear of the outpouring of support and encouragement he received from the community.  From his family, to his hometown friends, to Costco and the city of Boston; there was support and appreciation of Jeff’s courage and compassion for his daily struggles.
It was inspiring to read how the people of Boston stayed strong in the aftermath of a horrible terrorist attack. Many people encouraged Jeff to keep pushing, to not give up, and to share his story that others may find strength as well.
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