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June 08, 2011
Contributors Page
Geneva Rinehart

I just love the race for October. Recently, while cheering on my local team and my favorite team (two different baseball teams), I found myself watching one game on my TV and the other on my cell phone. This has become a regular occurrence this season. In fact, I am finding new things I can do with my cell phone all the time. On my last Delta flight I flew completely paperless. I had downloaded a Web app to my cell phone which was scanned as I boarded. In just the last five years, the way mobile technology has advanced is purely fascinating.

Along those lines, we decided that this issue's feature should be about the advancements and technology potential of mobile devices, specifically for hospitality. You may think you have read the latest on this subject, but you won’t want to miss the great examples and products that Jon Inge has compiled for us. And maybe there is an idea or two for some innovative entrepreneur.

Sometimes technology advances can squash previous technology progress. Think about the 8-track tape, those dinosaurs of the music industry. It has been said that the best rejuvenation of a company or an economy lies with the innovators. It’s cool to dream about what might be the next iPad™. Bill Geoghegan reminisces about the technology of gaming's past, and looks ahead to what might just be the next killer technology.

In this issue we have two articles on wireless technology. The first, by Cathy Zatloukal, carries along the mobile theme as we look on property and ask if networks will be capable of providing 3G, 4G and beyond for guests.

The way today’s travelers research and buy travel has drastically changed. John Burns asks some tough questions about hotel brand sites and what hoteliers can do to renew the confidence of their lodging shoppers.

Terry Price, CIO of the Grove Park Inn and Spa, and current president of HFTP, penned a few words for us. He raises the question, is hospitality ready to operate as a single enterprise? Read on to find out what Terry means by this. Two things you’ll learn about Terry: he believes in change and golf.

This issue Tim Coleman spends a few words on the myths of revenue management. During his career Tim found that the majority of hoteliers have major misconceptions of how their distribution channels work. See how well you pass Tim’s test. Don’t worry–it is true or false, and I’m not taking grades.

Is it strange that Michael Schubach is recognizing the anniversary of the mythical man? As Michael so eloquently writes, somewhere between an epic love story and a tear-jerker tragedy is Dr. Frederick Brooks’ 1975 tale of the innate contradiction of software constructions. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?  There are lessons still to be learned from Dr. Brooks’ insights.

As a follow up to last issue’s article on data security breaches, Jeremy Rock provides us with some lessons learned; things to watch, a proactive checklist to have at the ready, and ways to start solving this problem that affects each of us.

In this issue’s column provided by PhoCusWright David Juman and Douglas Quinby take a look at travelers’ reviews and what hotels can do to track buzz about their properties and keep an accurate snapshot of their social media performance.

Tough times cry out for strong leaders. The basic principles of leadership can be applied in the workplace, at the front desk or in the corporate office. In a special addition to our publication, Colonel Phil Bossert helps debunk a few myths about this important quality.

Opening the second half of the magazine, Michael Kasavana introduces us to the appealing new smart payment cards that consumers are starting to adopt. Are these debit cards or are they credit cards, or are they both?

Our second wireless article in this issue comes from our friends at Visa and is about the security of your wireless network.  This article highlights some common vulnerabilities, and provides a strategy for securing your wireless network.

For our sales and marketing enthusiasts (and who isn’t a fan of more sales?), Carol Verret looks at the opportunities hotels have to push new business through a few simple online strategies.  She explores four must-have tech strategies that every sales and marketing professional can use.

In our continuing coverage of virtualization, Lyle Worthington ponders what he would do if he had to go back in time to a room packed full of racks of servers. He remembers what it was like to manage over 350 physical servers and the magical day when all those racks of servers simply disappeared. 

We have an in-room technology, two-article series in this issue. The first article is by Trevor Warner on the reinvention of set-top boxes. Why reinvent the set-top box? The three primary drivers are technology, cost of ownership and flexibility.

The second in-room technology article is by Geoff Griswold and covers 3-D televisions. There are some naysayers out there and I was among them until I traveled the show floor at HITEC. There are some instances where 3-D makes a world of difference. Even if 3-D televisions are not a blip on your radar for your hotel or restaurant, take a quick read through some of the options this technology brings to television.

Reflections by Phil LaBelle: Phil wrote this article on Aug. 14, 2010, just two weeks before his passing. His career in hospitality touched many and his experiences all uniquely reflective of our industry. We are honored to share this with you.

In this social media age where employees are active participants in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites, every business should communicate the company policies on social media with employees. Michael Carrouth provides some informational advice that companies should develop for employee policies for online behavior.

According to Klaus Kohlmayr, one of the most significant profit-impacting decisions hotels are currently facing is successful pricing. If a hotel understands the relationship between price and demand it will be better equipped to decide on pricing movements.

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