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June 08, 2011
Contributors Page
Geneva Rinehart

Google does it. Salesforce.com does it. Hospitality does it too. Cloud computing is getting a lot of print and media coverage. More than once a week I read an article on the topic. Jon Inge starts out our June issue with an in-depth conversation about moving hospitality systems up into the cloud. Jon highlights many of the benefits of virtualization for hospitality.

Michael Schubach wants to know that he is not alone in the tiresome chasm of endless meaningless e-mail. He believes meaningful quality touches with customers far outweigh an endless barrage of quantity. Make your message count.

How do you know if you have high-speed Internet at your hotel? Do you find yourself blaming slow Internet speeds on bandwidth monsters? You know the type. Room 220 who is always running Skype, Netflix and downloading his e-mail for hours. Trevor Warner offers some suggestions to ward off these bandwith hogs.

It starts as a normal day and then it happens. The phone rings and the bank is calling with a message that is not only going to ruin your day but your week and maybe even longer. Your system has been compromised. After the denial has subsided, what do you do? Jeremy Rock has put together steps to take, expectation and the expense of it all.

It is time to re-evaluate your revenue channels to take advantage of every opportunity of the growing economy. Cindy Estis Green writes of some ways to help raise your ADR.

Special this issue, Ted Horner writes about some of the technology to keep on notice for 2010. See what’s on his what-to-watch list.

Tim Coleman provides some practical homework for all you revenue managers out there. If you are coming to HITEC bring your sharpened pencils and a keen eye as you walk the tradeshow floor. Do you need a game plan to make your boss proud? Tim’s got you covered.

I just love a good love story. After all it is June and what’s June without a shotgun wedding story? PMS and CRS seem so good together, but David Sjolander foreshadows a rocky future for the two lovebirds.

Datamining in the restaurant industry can help management extract useful information quickly and effectively. Michael Kasavana shares the details of how management can know customers better by implementing some of the innovations already on the market.

Keylogging. It sounds like a parody for something fun on SNL. But in reality keystroke logging from a compromised system can transmit customer and employee personal information right into the hands of criminals. Visa provides a short list of recently identified malware and some tips to protect your systems.

Everyone is looking for a return on investment. Whether your strategy is Facebook or Twitter, Carol Verret looks at the expected lead generation certain social media campaigns can produce. There is a measurement of success.

The iPad phenomenon is here and has captivated many, but is this a hit or just the latest hype? David Atkins discusses the most recent addition to the mobile technology workforce.

Is there a potential risk to guests’ trust when unexpected fees appear on the guest folio? Sure the airlines are doing it, but John Burns discusses the repercussions of unexplained, unexpected hotel fees.

In our gaming article, Bill Geoghegan writes about Internet gambling and recent enforcement acts designed to protect U.S. citizens.

When disaster strikes will your IT department be ready? Lyle Worthington has spent some time seriously thinking about business continuity planning...just in case.

If you think Ashok Kumar’s article on M2M communications is about the 80s rock band Mission to Mars you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you are expecting a fascinating article about machine-to-machine communications and networking devices capturing information to respond quickly and effectively, well then you’ve come to the right place.

There are few personal items that get as much use as the mobile phone. Your guests have mobile phones. Are you creating a strategy to engage them? Bob Post writes how to make guests the center of your mobile world.

Innovation doesn’t take a break for a recession, and 2009 had its fair share of innovators. Dan Phillips looks at how your corporate philosophy affects how you adopt new technology.

In our Notes From the IT Service Shop, Geoff Griswold asks Microsoft about Windows 7 and its current mission in the hospitality industry.

If there was  a hall of fame technology product award, Mark Hoare has his nomination all prepared. What deserves this great honor? Oh, you’ll have to read to find out, but here's a hint: It has withstood more than two decades of use.

According to Daniel Johnson, change management is like Jinga. Not quite sure what I mean? Well, it involves three components to outsmart your opponent. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? And it has something to do with soccer, too–just in time for World Cup.

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