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October 01, 2011
Contributors Page
Geneva Rinehart

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Jon Inge, pg 8
Procrastination is a wooly monster. We’re too busy, or it’s too complicated. Sometimes we fight the monster with vigor. Sometimes we give in. Jon Inge writes how now is the time for action. Be vigilant, aggressive and forward looking. Do IT now.

Bill Geoghegan, pg 26
When visiting a resort, the rate chosen is often not reflective of the actual rate. Incidental fees that appear on the folio at checkout are a great way to generate funds for fantastic amenities, but how does that make the guest feel as he leaves your property?

Michael Schubach, pg 30
Are you looking for perfection in a cloud-based application? Think again. Michael Schubach explains in his article as he searches for a goddess of wisdom.

Dan Phillips, pg 34
Dan Phillips conducted a survey of HSIA vendors to analyze guest usage and find trends. The data that came back is invaluable. Find out what the vendors said.

David Atkins, pg 40
Groupon, LivingSocial, SniqueAway are all becoming household names.  David Atkins provides some much needed 411 on how hoteliers should approach these daily deal sites, private sales and flash sales without compromising current distribution channels.

Kelly McGuire, pg 46
Kelly A. McGuire, PhD., tackles the marriage of revenue management and the necessary integrated approach to marketing in today’s economy.

Mark Haley, pg 58
On any given day I open my email and there is another survey offering that I could win an iPad! Ho, hum. Are you trying to rethink the survey process for your property? Elaine Hendricks and Mark G. Haley’s article will provide some great new ideas to thwart this survey fatigue.

Michael Kasavana, pg 120
When I read Michael Kasavana’s article on T-commerce for the first time, I was impressed. There are so many opportunities to incorporate tablet computing into your property.

Carol Verret, pg 132
I’m so excited that Carol Verret chose to write about the recent introduction of the Google Travel suite, a.k.a., the Google world domination tour. So much of your distribution and channel management is being turned on its head. Check it out.

Geoff Griswold, pg 148
Geoff Griswold’s column, “Notes from an IT Service Shop,” brings new light on the Web browser world. Are your hotels’ computers running on Internet Explorer, Firefox or the new Chrome? Is one browser better than another? Geoff has your answers.

Mary Siero, pg 138
Cloud security is one of the biggest questions in the technology world today. In part one of a two-part series, Mary Siero clears the air on what you need to know about security before moving to the cloud.

Mark Shelhart, pg 140
You’ve read many articles in Hospitality Upgrade about data security technology. Now, Mark Shelhart brings to light one of the most important aspects of data security: understanding the hackers themselves.

In a recent survey the majority of those polled said they would rather forget their wallets than their smartphones!  After reading Robert Dawson’s article about NFC technology, I’d say that soon the wallet and smartphone will be one in the same. Talk about another great mashup. (pg 50)

In this issue’s article from regular contributor Visa, Ingrid Beierly discusses the topic of fraudulent use of credits by criminals who access weakly guarded merchant payment accounts and issue false returns. (pg 128)

This issue is the first of what we hope will be a continuing new column called, “The CIO Column: What Keeps You up at Night.” Vivek Shaiva of LaQuinta Inns and Suites writes about the decision to change the media delivery platform in more than 80,000 rooms across the more than 800 hotels. (pg 130)

Expedia’s head of mobile evangelism, Darren Austin, dives into the growing importance of the mobile channel for increased bookings and how hoteliers need to approach mobile differently than any other channel.  (pg 136)

It seems like companies need insurance for nearly everything these days, but in an article from hLawyers, Scott N. Godes and Kenneth Berline Trotter discuss the importance of obtaining and preserving insurance for cyberattacks.  (pg 146)

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