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October 01, 2011
Ask the Guest
Editorial Staff

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Our roving reporter, Lorie Juliano, again accosted guests checking in at the Royal Sonesta Hotel
in Cambridge, Mass., to inquire about their needs and wants during their travels.

Questions we asked...

1) With all of the technology available to road warriors, what do you find yourself traveling with these days?
2) Are these devices company sponsored or personal?

Kara Carpenter
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Traveling with: I always travel with my Android™ smartphone and my laptop.  I like to use the company tablet while in the office for convenience, but while I am on the road I need my laptop to do my heavy lifting.

Business or personal: The phone is personal and reimbursed through my expense report.  The laptop and tablet are company sponsored.

Leslie Prestoy
Rehoboth, Mass.
Traveling with: I travel with my company iPad® and BlackBerry®.  I do corporate training and use the iPad more and more in the field.  Most of the companies I do work for are moving in that direction as well for their field teams.

Business or personal: They are a mix of both – but all are centralized to access the company databases.  I think I am receiving four email streams to my BlackBerry currently.

Suzan Cumberland
Ridgeland, Mich.
Traveling with: I only travel with my tablet and cellphone – that is all I need.  With these two items I have a virtual office anywhere I want to work.  My husband occasionally drags a laptop along on trips, but I haven’t in over a year.

Business or personal: Personal – my company pays for the laptop, but has synched the other devices for my convenience.

Martha Bradford
Winchester, Mass.
Traveling with: I travel with my iPhone® and company laptop.  I have been considering a tablet just to save on the weight factor to replace the laptop while on the road.  I know some hotels provide tablet devices when you arrive, but it’s a bit like shoes – you really want your own. It’s not just technology anymore, it really is an extension of how you live your life.

Business or personal: Company sponsored for all devices.  The tablet would be as well if I choose to go that route.

Lynne McClure
Cambridge, England
Traveling with: I have traveled with a smartphone, iPad and laptop this year, but find myself leaving the laptop home more and more.  This trip someone needed a scan of my passport and I just took a photo with the iPad and emailed it while I was standing at the front desk. 

Business or personal: Company sponsored – I own the company and have encouraged all my employees to lessen the load while they are on the road.

Robert Goltz
New York, N.Y.
Traveling with: I travel with my laptop and iPhone on business.  I take the tablet and leave the rest behind on vacation.  I really depend on my laptop as my mobile workstation regardless of where I am.  I think of the tablet we have as more of a convenience for email and games.

Business or personal: The laptop and phone are company sponsored.  The tablet is our family’s, although I have it set up to receive my work email account as well.

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