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October 01, 2011
Who's the Reader
Editorial Staff

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A brief interview with two of our readers, Eduardo Slaviero Campos and Nate Savalza.

Eduardo Slaviero Campos
Slaviero Hotels
Curitiba, Brazil

Position: Executive Director/CEO

Years with Company: 20 years

Background: Slaviero Campos has a business degree and MBA from the University of Florida. Originally, his company was part of a bigger group working in various different activities. After the group decided to break apart, Slaviero Campos eventually became the executive director of the company.

Most Interesting Day at Work:  Slaviero Campos loves what he does for a living. “I really love working in the hospitality business,” he said. “The best day ever is when I am visiting properties and planning for new ones. To be among our guests and studying new forms to better serve them is very motivating.”

How He Found Out About HU: When he was traveling to the United States a couple of years ago, a friend showed him the magazine and he has been reading the magazine ever since.

Why He Reads HU: Slaviero Campos said, "It brings new insight and different opinions about the industry."

Favorite Sports or Leisure Activities: His favorite leisure activity is skiing with his family.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Slaviero Campos said, “When the opportunity of a vacation exists, and it is not possible to go skiing, I prefer going to the sunny beaches of Brazil.”

First Job: His first job was working in an automobile dealership that represented various imported brands in Brazil.

Nate Savalza
Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott
Newark, New Jersey

Position: Front Office Supervisor

Years with Company: 6 1/2 years

Background: Savalza began his career with Marriott on the West Coast as an overnight housekeeper in one of its select-service brands. He was quickly moved to daytime front desk, where he also helped out by picking up shifts in the restaurant as a server and bartender.  "I moved to Marriott Hotels & Resorts about three and a half years ago as a front office leader and was promoted to a front office supervisor in the Summer of 2010," he said. "I was ready to make my next move, but there wasn’t much opportunity for growth where I was so I made the move to the East Coast."

Most Interesting Day at Work: Savalza said his most interesting day at work is whenever a celebrity checks into the hotel. “I don’t get starstruck very easily, so I act normally during check-in, then once the guest walks away, everyone starts chatting about who just came up,” he said. “It makes me laugh that everyone gets so excited and I am acting like nothing happened.”  

How He Found Out About HU: Prior to his move to the East Coast a colleague recommended several hospitality-focused magazines to subscribe to, citing the need to stay on the cutting edge of what is happening in the industry. Savalza said HU was one of those titles, and he has been reading it ever since. 

Why He Reads HU: "I like reading about what technology is out there and what other properties are exploring to make the job easier and more high-tech,” he said.

Favorite Sport(s) or Leisure Activities:  Savalza loves to run and is currently training for his second marathon. “I love the challenge and the mental strength it takes to run long distances,” he said.

Favorite Vacation Spot: “My favorite vacation spot is a quiet beach on the island of Kauai, Hawaii,” Savalza said. “It is the most relaxing feeling to lie on the beach and hear nothing but the crashing of waves and to not see a single person for hours.”

First Job: His first job was as a member of the banquet team at a water park in California. “We provided top-notch food and service for corporate events and birthday parties,” he said. “I guess hospitality has always been a part of me.”

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