Nevotek “Hospitality Softphone” Opens A New Era in Hotel Communications


Nevotek “Hospitality Softphone” Opens A New Era in Hotel Communications


A desktop phone on the nightstand or on the desk in a hotel room is part of the mandatory equipment that every hotel must have. Such a phone set has been a piece of technology that hoteliers loved because that phone was able to generate significant revenue during the pre- mobile phone days.

Today, unfortunately desktop guest phone in the hotels have lost their popularity. Not only it fails to generate the revenue it used to, but also the technology of the desktop phone is not able to cope with the mobility requirements of today’s hotel guest.

Mobility is the main dominating feature in hotel services today. Common services we use daily have all built in mobility components. It is no wonder everybody is using their mobile phones for everything you can imagine.

The trends from the last decade have been magnified by the pandemic as worries loomed over touching yet another surface. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) classifies the in- room telephone as a “high-touch surface” and an infection hazard.

So, how can the desktop phone in the guest room catch up with today’s mobility demands? The answer is Nevotek Hospitality Softphone.

“Nevotek Hospitality Softphone” is a part of the NevoTouchless portfolio. NevoTouchless enables hotel guests to interact with their guestroom through their mobile phones. All hotel services including room controls and TV remote are included in NevoTouchless. The best part is that NevoTouchless does not require an app download. It is an appless technology and the guests can use the product directly, without needing any configuration by the guest.

Nevotoucless, enables hotel guests to have a unique experience by simply scanning a QR code on the hotel TV, without having to download any application. It also provides contactless restaurant, concierge and information services found in most hotel applications.

The guests can access information such as weather conditions, city guides, reception, hotel bills. They can also activate DND mode, adjust the room temperature easily.

Nevotek Hospitality Softphone is also an apples technology. It enables the guest’s mobile phone as the in-room handset of the hotel telephone system. Simply said, it replicates the guest’s in- room desktop phone set on his mobile phone. As long as the guest is in the hotel’s wi-fi coverage, all calls made to the in-room phone are directed to the guest’s mobile phone.

If the hotel wants to reach the guest, they simply dial the room number. The in-room phone, as well as the guest’s mobile phone rings simultaneously. If the guest wants to reach the front desk for example, it is as simple as pressing the front desk icon on the purpose built Nevotek Hospitality Softphone.

Nevotek Hospitality Softphone solution has been attracting a lot of attention in the industry, because it can be used in small to large facilities with an IP-based PBX system. Nevotek Hospitality Softphone solution can make calls from personal devices via the hotel's PBX SIP Trunks - the calls appear to be made by the room phone.

It is the right time to re-think in-room communication. So, what will the new hotel room look like?
We believe that smartphones remain the single preferred point of interaction for a hotel
guest. Their smartphone is the one thing the guest needs to control all the pieces of technology in the room. Other contactless products have limitations since they only cover a very specific guest need and require a guest to use multiple contactless products. This might cause more issues for the hotel and the guests. At some point, it becomes easier to just pick up the TV remote or the phone instead of having to load one more app. Our NevoTouchless solves this problem by controlling multiple technologies and services.

Because of all these rich features, our customers have started to prefer our NevoTouchless modular solution together with NevoTV to be able to make their guests more comfortable.

In summary the guests should be able to do everything they need to do from their personal mobile device during their hotel stay like making a phone call to hotel services, controlling the room lights, room service, set a wakeup call, etc. This is what a complete product looks like.


▪  Option to have virtual check-in/-out and payment interactions and avoid face-to-face
▪     Browse and order from a room service menu without having to pick up a physical menu
▪     Contactless operations for lights, TV remotes, door unlock and so on
▪     Easily accessible interface without having to download a new app for each hotel they visit


▪     Direct reach to the customer during and pre-/post-stay.
▪     Remove in-room booklets and compendium to reduce touchpoints and reduce operational overhead of updating menus
▪     Operational savings from offering increased guest services without incremental staffing

Furthermore, we’ve found that 85% of surveyed hotel guests responded that they would be pleased if they did not have to pick up the in-room telephone to call the front desk and could communicate in a more user friendly way.

Before choosing a provider for contactless in-room technology in this new dynamic of the world, make sure their solution can cover all these capabilities and handle all of these needs as our well-designed NevoTouchless does.

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