In challenging times, it is sometimes hard for us to dig in and turn on. Today more than ever, we get sucked into the endless news feed. We have limitations on what we can do and how we can do it.
And one thing is for certain, standing still gets you nowhere. You are the captain of your ship. You have everything you need within you. Now is the time to lead yourself and make the challenges you face today, the story of greatness you share with others tomorrow.
Time to Rally and Find Your Switch…
1. Have a healthy morning routine. How you start your day predicts how your day will go.
2. Learn something new every day. I strive to read one thing no matter how small or large. Sometimes I listen to a Podcast or watch a funny video… anything that gets my brain turned on and curious.
3. Find what is right in what you are doing.
4. Exercise helps decrease stress and helps you find your center. I hate to say this, and it took COVID to get me back on my mountain bike! Thank you?
5. Watch your thoughts. They define your feelings and your feelings determine your actions. No Action = No Results.   
6. Find happiness or humor in one thing every day. Take note of it.
7. Watch your news intake. Bad news does not motivate or inspire us. When I am having a day of it, I love to watch Modern Family. All of a sudden, my own dysfunction seems reasonable and I find laughter in life’s realities!
8. What is one goal you must accomplish? Define it clearly and measurably. Then go after it daily. Action gets you there. Inaction gets you nothing. (sorry to be so harsh!)
9. Reflect on how you gave to others today. Giving and gratitude are fuel for your soul.
10. Your mindset is the greatest predictor of your future. Accept things and get on with what is next.

No one can motivate you. Motivation comes from within. What others can do for you is inspire you so make sure you have people around you that inspire you to learn, grow, accept discomfort and find gratitude.
Remember, you are the only person who can motivate you.   
Go get 'em!