In the article, Merchant Link’s Director of Product Christian McMahon stated that “most Chinese travelers use QR-based systems as their primary payment method to shop for goods, buy food, pay for transportation and pay their bills. It’s only natural, that when they travel abroad, they want to continue to tap into their most-favored and best-understood payment method. Hotels can see that this is an opportunity to offer a great new way to interact with their guests by offering a very attractive payment method — and they definitely want to be able to support it.”
Even though it seems like a natural shift to implement QR- based payments in the hotel world, hotels have a complicated payment structure. “From the consumer standpoint, they want to have a similar experience every time they check in to a hotel. These kinds of systems and processes, he added, can be tricky to change in an industry that is so varied. Moreover, moving to alternative payment methods means that hotels have a lot of work to do just to prepare their entire systems. Getting systems ready and able to take these payments is the next, extremely important foundational challenge. Those are just the peripheral difficulties, he noted. The big challenge is making QR code-based payments flow properly in a hotel environment, which is not ideally suited to their use.” said Christian McMahon 
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