Everyone is asking for us to do more with fewer people. This can cause overwhelming feelings and frustration as everything seems to be important and urgent. 

This makes it hard to focus when you are forced to move in so many directions.  

This new normal makes thinking before moving all the more important as when there is chaos, people tend to move fast and first. When we move without thinking and preparing, we tend to make mistakes and decrease communication effectiveness. These lead to an increase in errors and costs. Do-overs and redundancy are expensive.

Ensuring that your team has clarity daily is vital. Our research shows that teams that regularly meet are more focused, aligned, engaged, and productive. In working with over 50 teams over the last six months, we found four components invaluable to improving productivity and morale.

1. Have a daily stand up of some kind for your team. This applies to all levels of your organization.  

2. Your stand up should start with each person sharing their “word of the day.” This word reflects what they want to achieve and sets their best mindset to getting there. The word of the day also allows people a chance to share their why around that word and keeps things light.

3. Ensure clarity daily. You may think people are clear on their daily focus, and most tend to be vague. Be sure each person on your team is clear on their top deliverables for the day when they share them. Be sure they are specific and, where possible, use measurements. We all work to meet our goals, so establishing small goals every day helps us stay focused to get there.   

4. Find authentic ways to acknowledge progress. Progress fuels momentum, and momentum gets you where you need to go.

Leading is our way forward. 

Lead on, Renie