Imagine everyone in your organization engaged, aligned and performing to their potential. Imagine everyone playing “All In.”

Great organizations have synergy. Their culture allows them to play to a rhythm at a different tempo than the average organization. How do you get that at your organization?

Consider these:

1. If you aren’t all in, no one else will be. Be a fanatically engaged leader.

2. Today - more than ever - people want to be inspired through progress and positivity. Be their hope. Shine the light so they can see what is possible in the future.

3. Help each person understand how their work and contributions matter. Be specific. No position is more or less valuable as it takes a village. Make sure your villagers know they are valued. Every job is a patch in the patchwork.

4. We become our environment. If your culture isn’t healthy, fix it now! Don’t worry about how solid your strategies are because they won’t matter. Your best hope is that your competition is a bigger mess than you are…and hope is not a strategy.

5. Focus on what matters most. Do the important stuff first.

6. If you aren’t coaching your people, please know they aren’t operating at their full potential and capacity. Growth in your people directly equates to growth in your organization’s performance.

7. Stay agile. Holding on to what you know limits you. Surround yourself with smart people. Read more. Get your mind thinking. Smart leaders spend time thinking and preparing.

8. Replace the pukers and non-performers. Get rid of them. They slow you down and the market is too competitive to have people on your team throwing the race.

9. Think:

  • People (Stop accepting mediocrity)
  • Environment (Culture is the secret sauce)
  • Focus (2 great strategies are better than 5 average ones)
  • Execution (Don’t try and do everything. You’ll end up doing nothing)

10. Enjoy the journey. Find time every day to be grateful. The energy you push out is the energy you receive so if you aren’t feeling it … you aren’t giving it! And remember, it could be a lot worse! Promise!

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