Recently I went to lunch at a place called Tender Greens, and this was the posting at the register:

That’s right, they are recruiting while you are standing in line to give them your money! Better yet, every person who goes into this remarkable place knows what it is about and what to expect. And now they know Tender Greens is hiring! It kind of sums up their culture and the people they are looking to attract, doesn’t it?

So, how can YOU have people lining up to work for you even if you are in a difficult location?

1. You have to engage them. Use exciting visuals and fun photos. Ask them to tell you something about themselves. People will share more than you ever imagined possible. We all love to talk about the “man in the mirror!”

2. Make it compelling to the audience you are looking to hire. Recruiting a line-level employee is likely to require different messaging than recruiting someone looking for a career path. Your audience and message must align.

3. You are looking for the right people FIRST, so keep the messaging short and sweet. I would rather have someone who is aligned with my culture over a person with a better skill set any day! Skills and processes can be taught. Mindset cannot. It’s a choice… a personal choice!

4. Set up a website, and you can continuously build up your talent pool by allowing people to apply at any time. Be sure to engage with every resume. You never know who may be your next customer!

The Lesson: Is it time to change up your recruiting strategy in 2021?

Live All in, Renie

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