As we continue to social distance and find our way in this new world order, the one thing you can control without exception is how you think and what you choose to focus on. Your thoughts reflect your beliefs. A belief is something you feel certain about. Generally, your beliefs are a reflection of your life experiences. This is why one person can experience something and see it as a positive while another person has the same experience and feels terrible, stuck and afraid. 

Thoughts are at the root of finding your inner peace. They are either your friend or your enemy. They are those little people in your head that never seem to just shut up. They are powerful little suckers telling you what they believe to be true even when it is a lie. Your thoughts dictate how you feel whether it be happy or sad, empowered or disempowered, abundant or scarce. It is how you feel that drives how you will act. Feelings are the fuel of our action, reaction or even, inaction.

4.27.2020 Thoughts -_ Feelings -_ Actions

When your thoughts don’t serve you, they tend to create what I call “an internal storm”.

We all have these storms in our lives. Some can be violent like a tornado while other’s can just be an inconvenient rain shower. Today, for many of us, they feel more intense and out of control. One thing is for certain, the impact and length of any storm is determined by those little people in your head and what they are saying to you. When the voices within are based in scarcity, fear and worry, you tend to get stuck on that tape and there is no peace for your soul in the noise. 

3 Tips on Finding Peace Within Everyday:

1. Make a list of everything you feel grateful for.
2. Write down what do you want in your life moving forward. Also, write what you are no longer going to have in your life. Clarity gives us a sense of power and allows us to focus and take deliberate action no matter how big or small.
3. Actively pursue relaxation. I know that for many of us the TV, Netflix and other entertainment have become a cornerstone of our existence and think beyond. What brings you peace? Mediation? A nice bath with music that soothes you soul. A hard workout that burns your anxious energy, or clears your head? A good talk with a positive thinking friend? Maybe you like to cook or bake, paint or read. Find your thing and get it into your daily life.

3 Tips for Shutting Down Those Nasty Little People:

1. Ask yourself will this matter in 6 months?
2. What actions can I take that serve me and allow me to move forward towards progress no matter how small?
3. Change your thought from why me to how can this situation allow me to have more________ in my life? What do I want now?

You chose your perspective, and this determines both how you feel and what action makes sense for you. The choice is yours, and it is within these choices that you find the peace within you long for.

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