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Posted: 10/23/2020

"Friendship often ends in love, and love in friendship never ends. "

We’re hardly out of the woods with COVID-19, and that means many properties will have to make do with a customer base mostly derived from local leisure, staycations and workcations from drive-to markets. With fewer overall guests, outside of cost savings efforts we must simultaneously look at maximizing the revenue per available guest (RevPAG), and there’s no better way to go about this than by sharpening your use of the PMS.

This is the last issue of Siegel Sez before this year’s CYBER HITEC event. HITEC is an event I have not missed in 30 years, and historically it has always been a great place to find innovation.

Toxicity Kills
Posted: 10/07/2020

It doesn’t matter if it is toxins in your physical environment or toxins in your mental environment. This stuff kills! 

It’s said that when someone’s mindset shifts, everything around them can change at the same time, and in our current setting, the importance of being in the right headspace, both personally and as an organization, can’t be discussed enough.

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How to Jump Start Your Business

by Renie Cavallari

Things right now are hard to predict. That is a fact. Trends lack patterns. Strategy is a 6-month viewfinder. Leaders are in a tactical storm. We feel overwhelmed by the unknown and the feeling of “what is next.” 

Skip all that. Focus on what you do know. Some things do remain the same. 

  • You have to have revenue to stay in business
  • Process improvement impacts margin
  • Agility and the ability to pivot allows you to move quickly as new information and new opportunities continue to unfold
  • Your people remain your biggest expense, so investing your time and ensuring their activity is focused on the right things every day is vital to their productivity
  • Productivity predicts performance

Progress comes from a focus on 2 things:

Communication (1)

Communication gives us clarity, and this turns on our productivity. Productivity helps with our HeadTrash and makes us feel stronger. The key to productivity is the association with measurable goals, no matter how short term they may be at this time. For salespeople, they might be to reach out to 50 people a week, uncover five new potential customers, and get three deals into their pipeline. For Food & Beverage, it might be a specific number of covers and usage growth by outlet(s). For leaders, it should be on team member turnover and customer happiness.

Many people are hoping for a silver bullet, and there isn’t one.

As a leader, you want to get people moving, focused, and celebrating the small wins along the journey. Mistakes will continue to happen and what matters most is to move towards progress. The key is to get your people focused, productive, and feeling appreciated. They know the world is in chaos, and you don’t have the keys to turn it off. What they want to know is that you care.

About The Author
Renie Cavallari
Chief Instigating Officer
Aspire Marketing

Renie Cavallari is the chief instigating officer with Aspire Marketing. She can be reached at

If you would like me to talk to your team via a free Zoom conversation on how to move from scarcity and fear to resilience and power, please reach out to me at We are here to help!

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